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Shayne Smith


Potion is an interactive wine tasting experience that helps users find the wine that is right for them. It is designed to encourage users to learn about wine on their own time, without the assistance of the busy bartender. Interaction presentation and process book included in portfolio.

Web Design Assignment: Equinox

In this project I worked with a partner to create a responsive website for a festival. We created our own called Equinox, a weekend-long music festival in San Francisco to kick off the fall season featuring the latest electronic, hip-hop/rap, rock and upcoming artists. Our website design needed to be responsive for iPhone and iPad.

Throughout the progress of this project, our process included many different elements. Those being: concept, team roles, competitor research, personas [primary, secondary and negative], user goals, content outline, moodboard, sitemap, wireframe sketches, wireframes [all pages, all devices], identity [logo, color scheme, fonts], design comp variations, final page designs, usability testing/analysis, and a final working prototype. Below is the website link and here is the final presentation PDF including all deliverables:

(Progress recorded via Tumblr:

WWU Office of Sustainability Visual Publicity 2013

As a work study college student employee for the Western Washington University Office of Sustainability, I have updated, maintained, and supported their website operations and media output. As of the third year of my employment with them, my position transformed from just a Webmaster into a Media Manager and In-House Graphic Designer. This brought on new challenges and opportunities to practice designing for print, publicity, and visual graphics. My goal was to create aesthetically-pleasing pieces while still maintaining a cohesive visual representation of Western Sustainability. Below are some projects completed in 2013.

Typography Assignment: Editorial Spreads

Assignment was to choose an article and create a two-page opening spread and two-page continuing spread while integrating photographs and other visual elements. Process book:

Web Design Assignment: Trifecta Bar + Lounge

As part of a Web Design course, I was given a design brief of a fictional business to create a brand website. My fake client was Trifecta Bar + Lounge, a hip quasi-dive bar located in Chicago.

Prior to actually developing the website, I went through a series of research and processes. Those being: competitor research, persona, content outline, concept, moodboard, sitemap, wireframes, identity [logo, color scheme, fonts], design comp variations, final page designs and lastly a working prototype. Below is the website link and here is the final presentation PDF including all deliverables:

(Progress recorded via Tumblr:

Print & Finishing Lab Assignment: Civil Anatomy

As part of a Print & Finishing Lab course, we were given five different choices for an individual project option. I chose to create three illustrations using Photoshop which work together as a series, telling some sort of story or are united by a theme. The elements used in this illustration series must be copyright-free. I experimented with the collages, making use of a range of scanned images.

From looking over all of the copyright-free images I scanned, I wanted to create illustrations that displayed the skeleton or anatomy of the full animal. With luck, I was able to find pages with animal skeletons that fit closely to the animal illustrations - even if they came from different books. My strategy was to manipulate the images to fit almost exactly over one another as if you were seeing an x-ray of the animal. Since the theme was about anatomy and I was using old-looking imagery that reminded me of old civil war soldier portraits, I decided to call my series Civil Anatomy.

Print & Finishing Lab Assignment: Abyssopelagic Book

As part of a Print & Finishing Lab course, we were given a team book project that would last all quarter. This collaborative assignment gave us the opportunity to develop our technical knowledge and skills in design production [artwork basics, conversion of artwork for successful reproduction via offset & letterpress, reproduction of artwork using offset and letterpress techniques, finishing techniques using specific equipment].

The book my team and I designed was surrounding the theme of Abyssopelagic, or the depths of the ocean. We reproduced the book 50 times and did so all in the computer and printing labs provided by Western Washington University.

I specifically designed three pages: an antique-gold metallic envelope with an experimental typographic treatment, a dark page with an octopus-looking creature, and a deep sea anglerfish page with the backside die-cutted to display its identity. Process book also created.

Typography Assignment: Syntax of Word / Image

Assignment was to experiment with the design of data charts and integrate your chart design to a larger layout coordinating additional typographic elements and an image. Process book also created.

Typography Assignment: Immediate Message

We were assigned to choose an ad that we considered bad in its blatant lack of thought or consideration for its content. We redesigned the ad six times, within the following parameters: (1) same typeface, size and weight, (2) vary weight, (3) vary size, (4) add graphic elements, (5) add gray/tints, (6) add one color.

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